Water Industry Associations and Other Useful Links

Associations are typically supported by its membership and serve its membership. Most associations, depending on size, provide continuing education, current news about the industry, certification programs, publications and resources, advocacy and outreach programs, and career information. Many associations, though national, have local or regional chapters.

When conducting a job search, a professional or trade association in the water industry should be a great resource. There are a few things to do through an association that may lead to that next job: check association job listings, get involved in local events and use them for networking, and update skills through certification or education programs.

National Associations:

Air & Waste Management Association
( www.AWMA.org )

American Public Works Association
( www.APWA.net )

American Society of Civil Engineers
( www.asce.org )

American Water Resources Association
( www.AWRA.org )

American Water Works Association
( www.AWWA.org )

Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies
( www.AMWA.net )

Association of Water Technologies
( www.AWT.org )

International Bottled Water Association
( www.bottledwater.org )

Irrigation Association
( www.irrigation.org )

National Association of Water Companies
( www.NAWC.org )

National Ground Water Association
( www.NGWA.org )

National Hydropower Association
( www.hydro.org )

National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association
( www.NOWRA.org )

National Parks Conservation Association
( www.NPCA.org )

National Rural Water Association
( www.NRWA.org )

WateReuse Association
( www.WateReuse.org )

Water Quality Association
( www.WQA.org )

Other Useful Links:

National Environmental Services Center at West Virginia University
( www.nesc.wvu.edu )

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Office of Water
( www.epa.gov )

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